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Menu HSN

Holstein beef tartar, onion confit with Guinness beer,
kohlrabi and hazelnut cream (5-7)

Fried red mullet, wakame and rice noodles,
dashi jus, marinated daikon and shrimp (5-7)

Scallop with glazed salsifies and Flandrien cheese,
winter truffle, black pudding cream and mixed spice jus (7)

Briefly grilled salmon trout, cauliflower couscous,
savora cream, parsnip and carrot structures (5-7)

Suckling lamb fillet with herb crust,
sweet potato, jerusalem artichoke,
Brussels sprouts and rosemary sauce (5-7)

Selection of ripened cheeses “Van Tricht” (7)

Mango and banana mousse, panna cotta with lime,
banana and passion fruit ice (5-7)

Pancake with chocolate mousse,
coffee meringue and Baileys ice (5-7)

5 gangen

€125 - €180 with selected wines .

Red mullet
Salmon trout
Suckling lamb
Dessert (banana & pancake)

7 gangen

€145 - €210 with selected wines

Red mullet
Salmon trout
Suckling lamb
Desserts (banana & pancake)

Saturday lunch

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