The restaurant.

In this special place, we like to offer you a culinary experience with a lot of attention for the people who are sitting at our tables. Hostellerie Saint Nicolas was awarded with a Michelin star, a score of 90/100 on Foodtaster and 15,5/20 in the culinary guide Gault & Millau.

When you opt for Hostellerie Saint-Nicolas, you're choosing a light, trendy and tasteful setting. A charming villa in Elverdinge just a few minutes from the historic city of Ypres.


Two chefs, two generations. So much unique flavours.

Franky & Michael Vanderhaeghe are chefs through and through. Masters of (and in) the kitchen with an infinite, culinary drive. As ambassadors of Belgian gastronomy, each day they watch over the quality of their ingredients, dishes and finishing touches. Father and son are a perfect duo in the kitchen.

Chef Franky Vanderhaeghe also represents the '33 Masterchefs of Belgium', 'Les Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe' or simply 'JRE', 'Les étapes du bon goût' and the 'Disciples Escoffier Benelux'.

Chef Michael Vanderhaeghe was the first Belgian ever to win the prestigious 'Jeune Talent Disciples Escoffier' competition. Recently Michael was awarded the title 'Fish Chef of the Year 2019'. Not surprising for someone who learned the tricks of the trade in the kitchens of 'De Karmeliet' - Bruges, 'In De Wulf' - Dranouter, 'Castor' - Beveren-Leie, 'Michel Bras' - Laguiole and 'Alain Ducasse' in Monaco.

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Veurnseweg 5328906 Elverdinge (Ieper)


+32 (0)57 20 06 22